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Eastern Virginia Conference

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Eastern Virginia (EVA) Spring conference is held in Hampton, VA each year with all the other InterVarsity chapters in eastern Virginia, such as George Mason, Mary Washington, U of R, W&M, Old Dominion, Christopher Newport, etc. The theme for the conference changes each year (for exampe, sexual identity, being a witnessing community, and racial reconciliation). It's an entire weekend about a particular topic, what God says about it in Scripture, and what He is calling us to amidst our world today.


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Learn what it means to follow Christ on campus, at home, or in the workplace through speakers, scripture study in small groups, & personal retreat. Whether you're a lifelong Christian or exploring Jesus for the first time, there's something for you.


Receive excellent training in how to lead small group, share about Jesus with others, or implement vision for a whole chapter. 


Worship together with songs old & new for over an hour each day!


Some of the most amazing food ever. Save room for dessert!



Swim in the pool, fly down the zip line, soak in the 40 person hot tub, blob into the lake, lounge on the porch, hike in the woods, play 18 holes of Frisbee golf, compete in the Volleyball Tournament or challenge someone in the game room!

Chapter Retreat

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Chapter Retreat is an annual retreat we take at the end of September. Each year we travel to Camp Rudolph in Yale, VA to grow in relationship with each and to learn what it means to be in community with God. To sign up, click the button below, print off the attached document, fill it out, and give it to your small group leader!

Men's & Women's Retreats

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Towards the end of the semester we gather together with our brothers or sisters to spend a weekend where we are free to be vulnerable and loved as we dive into community and God's word on various topics.
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