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One of the great things about InterVarsity is that students just like you primarily lead it. Our leadership team is made of students put in the context of teams. Below are those teams and what they do as a part of the leadership team.

Small Group Leaders:

Small groups are the life-blood of the community. Small groups are where we grow in intimacy with each other and with the Lord as we read Scripture and live life together. Small groups are not a supplemental activity in InterVarsity, but rather they are fundamental to all that we do. The small group leader's role is to facilitate and lead this God-centered small group community through components of scripture, shepherding and mission.

Anna Wells
Womens' Coordinator 

Jeffi Thomas
Mens' Coordinator


Large Group Team:

The vision for Large Group is for it to have a backyard cookout feel. Because of this, we want our "backyard cookout" to be inviting, approachable and intriguing. We want Large Group be a place where people want to come, feel like they belong and experience the Gospel in word and community. This team is committed to planning and implementing the different dynamics of our weekly Large Group meetings.

Peyton Davidson
Large Group Coordinator

Worship Team:

The Worship Team works in conjunction with the Large Group Team and works hard to create a spiritually welcoming and nourishing environment each week, where God is the object of our worship. Along with Friday night Large Group meetings, they lead worship at various other InterVarsity functions, such as retreats and prayer services.

Aster Bottu
Worship Coordinator

Executive Team:

The Executive Team is a group that consists of the Chapter President and team coordinators. This team does a combination of administration and shepherding, with both logistical and spiritual components. The Exec Team serves the chapter by planning and working out of detail, praying over the other leaders and the chapter, and discerning where the Lord is leading us as a witnessing community.

Rebekah Buck
Chapter President

Grace Borchers
Admin Coordinator

Abigail Arthur
Communications Coordinator

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